Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer

QEHB Charity is proud to work with and support Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer, (LFBC) a group of volunteers who have one thing in common – they have all been affected by breast cancer, through friendship, family or personal experience.

QEHB Charity teamed up with LFBC to raise money to purchase a mobile mammogram, providing checks out in the community for people who may not proactively seek an examination at the hospital.

Now, LFBC is raising money to fund breast cancer research at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

LFBC founder Veronica Kumeta said: “Whilst survival rates are improving all the time, one in eight people are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, so we have a duty to ensure that people know what to look out for and examine themselves regularly.

“We have spent the past 15 years working with hospitals, patient service providers, support groups, and people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to understand the process and find ways to ensure early detection rates increase.

“Hospitals and clinics have improved their treatment programmes and mastectomy attendance is on the rise, but with our changing lifestyle comes the unfortunate result that people are getting the disease much younger than they were, so we have to rely on self-examination as stage one of detection.”



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